Pool and lounge zone


“Coliseum” pool and lounge zone here at “Medzhybizh” has been inspired by both medieval architecture and romantic vibes of an island vacation. This is a place for relaxation, birthdays, VIP parties, or quiet family time. A round 2.5 meters deep and kids’ 0.6 meter deep swimming pools are at your disposal.

The pool zone has a waterslide for kids, geysers and hydro massage machines in the form of our Cobra Waterfall, as well as trampolines for jumping!

This recreational area houses our 22-seated (each) “Zeus” and “Aphrodite” gazebos, “Scheherazade”-styled tents with soft sofas and other furniture. The pool area wallows in greenery and flowers. We also offer lounge chairs, tables and chairs for you to use around the pool. You can order food and drinks delivery from our restaurant, and while you wait for your order, feel free to have fun at our sports field playing table tennis and board games; and your kids will be happy to play in our playground decorated with pyramids of Ancient Egypt and Mexico!

We also designed a wedding ceremony area, just so any marrying couple could feel themselves as ancient heroes and heroines amidst the background of Rome and Greece in our “Coliseum”. Everything here is for your pleasure!


  • Weekdays –200 ₴ per person
  • Weekend – 250 ₴ per person

Price includes a table, parasol, Palmyra marquis tents and free arbors.
Marquees for 2 persons:

  • Weekdays – 700 ₴
  • Weekend – 800 ₴
  • Free Wi-Fi

When celebrating birthdays, corporate banquets in “Colosseum” recreation area, minimum restaurant order makes up to 400 ₴ per person.
The restaurant renders services to guests in “Colosseum” recreation area
Arbor rent – 2500 ₴

Arbor capacity:

  • “Aphrodite” – up to 20 people
  • “Zeus” – up to 16 people

“Colosseum” recreation area rent

  • Weekend – 20,000 ₴
  • Weekdays – 14,000 ₴

Food and drinks catering service is provided by our restaurant only.

  • Minimum order check – 400 ₴/person
  • Waiter service: 10am – 10pm – 300 ₴; 10pm – 11pm – 100 ₴
  • Use of barbecue stand (small) – 100 ₴
  • Use of barbecue stand (large) – 150 ₴
  • Wood chips for barbecue – 80 ₴
  • Metal skewers – 100 ₴
  • Grill rack – 100 ₴
  • Igniter – 50 ₴

The capacity of the recreation area is 100 people.
Schedule of the pool from 10.00 to 22.00.

Promotion !!!

For guests staying in suites, the cost of entering the pool is 150 ₴ per person. For two people only.
On weekdays from 10.00 to 12.00 entrance to the pool is 150 ₴ per person.
Children under 7 years old – 50 ₴ without a sun lounger.